Product Q&A: Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Inventory365?

Inventory365 is a module within the ERP365 software that allows you to manage and track your inventory levels, locations, sales, purchases, transfer, quantities, and more.

How does Inventory365 help me manage my inventory?

Inventory365 provides features such as product tracking, stock management, and inventory reporting to help you keep track of your inventory levels and make informed decisions about your stock levels.

Can I track inventory for multiple locations with Inventory365?

Yes, Inventory365 allows you to track inventory levels across multiple locations and provide you with a comprehensive view of your inventory levels.

Can I set up automated inventory alerts with Inventory365?

Yes, Inventory365 includes features that allow you to set up automated alerts for low stock levels and for each location as well, so you can take action to restock your inventory before it runs out.

Can I manage my vendors with Inventory365?

Yes, Inventory365 includes features for managing your vendors, with vendor tracking, purchase order management, and vendor reporting.

Do you offer trial period?

Yes, we offer 14 days free trial with no credit card required. You can sign up here - Click here to sign up for a free trial.

How much does Inventory365 cost?

Cost starts as low as $35/user/month with no annual contract.

Can you transfer data from my legacy system or excel files?

Yes, we can setup your Inventory365 and import your existing data from any external system at no charge.

Learn How Inventory365 Can Streamline Your Business.

Learn How Inventory365 Can Streamline Your Business.

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